Bang in the heart of St Peters’ arts quarter, Tortuga Studios thrums with energy and creativity. Housed in an old brick factory, the warehouse space is a living working realm and its soul resonates through the work we produce, the artists we house and the shows we create.

A production house for TV and film, a collaborative space for artists and makers and a vibrant gallery proud to exhibit the strange and the wonderful, eclectic, eccentric, extravagant and astonishing, The dynamics of our space impact heavily on the work we create and show. Many of the creatives at Tortuga choose to work and exhibit in a warehouse space and are inspired by this industrial aesthetic. Others go the other way and create pieces of such ephemeral beauty they sit in contrast to the steel girders, saw-toothed roof and crumbling brickwork of this industrial wonderland.

Tortuga proudly supports artists, designers, jewellers, photographers, musicians and a host of film, TV and theatre artisans providing sets, props, special effects, wardrobe and more.

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