Charged – Sculptures By The Sea

Created by Cameron (Ran) Stanton and Rachael Lafferty.

In a post-apocalyptic world you need your senses – wound taut – to survive. More pressing, however, is how you charge your phone in order to update your Facebook status when the grid goes down…

With the scientific romance of Jules Verne and the retro-futuristic invention of H G Wells, CHARGED is the envisioned need of a future society with a lost past.

Harnessing wind energy a giant propeller spins, channeling kinetic motion through a series of wooden cogs that rumble and churn, sparking life into the magnetic field of an alternator, which in turn feeds the phalanx of USB mouths ready to charge your device.

Transcending sub-genres, timeframes, epochs and the finite limits of believability, balancing form and function yet blurring the line between tool and toy, CHARGED provides a dark and brooding view of the future, albeit with status updates.

It is a representation of the extent to which people might have to go to when the grid goes down.

Step inside the phone box. Turn on, tune in and avoid dropping out…

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