With a Rebel Yell!

The peaceful crush of the Velvet Revolution; the black power salute from the winners’ podium; diggers on the barricades at Eureka, their demands for democracy cleaving an old order in two. The Arab Spring with its 24/7 media updates; Fidel and the fight of his life; the Bastille stormed to the howls of the underclass… Our world is riven by… Read more →

ECHOES: a group show for ART MONTH 2017: 3rd-15th March

The past has a constant echo. It is a reverberation of time with a diaphanous yet insistent tenure on the present that tugs and weaves us back, retelling the story, laced with remembrance and reminiscence. Wearing memory like a shawl, the present has splinters of the past poking through threadbare patches, velvet-soft portals that spiral and curl time to a… Read more →

DYSTOPIA : a Tortuga Studios Group Show – August 19th-26th 2016

With its cult of corruption, squealing media hysteria, myopic surveillance and the ripe stench of political totalitarianism, dystopia has arrived, the flailing prelude to an apocalyptic oblivion. Long a sci-fi darling, dressed up in a dread and brooding oppression, dystopia has always fed our collective imagination. But that brave new world is no longer a future projection. It is reality.… Read more →

Pre-dawn Hum_web

JUGGERNAUT: A solo show by Karen Bloomfield at Tortuga Studios March 10-14

Ferrous – By Karen Bloomfield JUGGERNAUT Works by Karen Bloomfield March 10-14 at Tortuga Studios As a child of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in the 1970’s, family entertainment often consisted of ice cream walks through Kings Cross or mammoth (and somewhat terrifying) pilgrimages to the Three Sisters and Jenolan Caves. My favourite, however, were the aimless sightseeing drives through Port Botany.… Read more →

Cameron Stanton-6s

Charged – Sculptures By The Sea

Created by Cameron (Ran) Stanton and Rachael Lafferty. In a post-apocalyptic world you need your senses – wound taut – to survive. More pressing, however, is how you charge your phone in order to update your Facebook status when the grid goes down… With the scientific romance of Jules Verne and the retro-futuristic invention of H G Wells, CHARGED is… Read more →


The lawn Sale

The Lawn Sale A one-time, once-only, chance-of-a-lifetime bargain basement bonanza art auction… This Friday 20th Dec, 6 till 9pm Tortuga Studios , 31 Princes Hwy, St Peters Fifteen feet of Bundy bear looms up ahead, a small pink waistcoat with Meet Me At The Ettamogah Pub barely covering his moulting pelt; beneath a wealth of weary Best & Less bras,… Read more →


Props to the Props

The art of Peter Strong a.k.a Vectorpunk has taken many twists and turns over the years as it cascaded down the rugged mountain of youth and into the vast valleys of middle age. At times the river has slowed, even stagnated but now it happily meanders through different techniques and styles as its visual language slowly takes shape in the… Read more →



IN THE NIGHT GARDEN 2013 In association with the Sydney Fringe Festival As the Gregorian cycle grinds through its shuddering revolutions, sparks cast into the gloaming, we entice you to explore a dark world that glimmers with life. (please tuck your friggatriskaidekaphobia snuggly beneath your arm). In the crevices of a darkened world in the back streets of St Peters… Read more →