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In The Night Garden 2015

Into the lucid translucency of the Night Garden stomps the carnie, pie juice and fag ash smeared indelicately through his aura. Beneath gossamer skeins of light, bathed in iridescence, the candy butcher picks his teeth with a rusted safety pin before contemplating and consuming his juicy find… Burnishing the inky darkness for just one night the Night Garden is diaphanous,… Read more →


IN THE NIGHT GARDEN 2013 In association with the Sydney Fringe Festival As the Gregorian cycle grinds through its shuddering revolutions, sparks cast into the gloaming, we entice you to explore a dark world that glimmers with life. (please tuck your friggatriskaidekaphobia snuggly beneath your arm). In the crevices of a darkened world in the back streets of St Peters… Read more →