DYSTOPIA : a Tortuga Studios Group Show – August 19th-26th 2016

With its cult of corruption, squealing media hysteria, myopic surveillance and the ripe stench of political totalitarianism, dystopia has arrived, the flailing prelude to an apocalyptic oblivion. Long a sci-fi darling, dressed up in a dread and brooding oppression, dystopia has always fed our collective imagination. But that brave new world is no longer a future projection. It is reality.… Read more →


OPENING NIGHT FRIDAY 23rd AUGUST Plucked from the darkened reaches of a salacious psyche, the scratched pen and ink work of Robert Smith is utterly compelling. The product of a decreasingly addled mind, this libertine collection spirals through Escher-like distortions, surrealism and pop-art schlock, and is streaked with a dark humour that is peppered with rancor. Inspired by Beckinsky, Dali,… Read more →

Let Me Tell You A Story – 31.08. -GROUP EXHIBITION

From far away and close at hand hear the words in the marks and paper, a delicious collection of artists work into their art a story and stories,… Featuring Artists : Wana Oriole, Pete Strong, Sarah Clunie, Mobot, Gre Richards, SHANTA, SKULK, ANDROS, Bafcat, Clint Bautista, Terrible Horrible, David Crystalface, Skatey C, Bianca Esteban, Geoffery Goodes, Wundernuss, Tifany, CheungHa Lim,… Read more →