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Sumfink from Nufink at Tortuga Studios solo exhibition opens 17th April 2015

SUMFINK FROM NUFINK at TORTUGA STUDIOS SOLO EXHIBITION Splayed on the relics of our culture – the rusted the disregarded, the wantonly useless – NUFINK’s work comprises some of the most recognisable street art/ stenciling around, raw images honed with finesse and an acute eye for detail. And it begs the ultimate question, how does humanity crawl from its warm… Read more →


Subversion – 27th March

Cloaked in a wily shroud of deception, subversion looks the part, all straight lines, bowler hats and tucked-in undies. But beneath her chameleon cape a covert insurgency unravels wantonly, a ticking time-bomb set to blow the boundaries to bits… As part of ART MONTH 2015, Tortuga Studios slips beneath society’s mantle into the shadowy realm of the subversive. In a… Read more →