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Is it the ignominious slide from the never-to-be-replaced vinyl legends of your youth to that rainbow-hued upstart the CD? Is it the imminent death of the analog TV signal, the gentle ticking of clock hands or the seductive expectation of film? Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or cheese, analog is a hybrid beast. Distorted, clipped, ultimately authentic, analog is doomed to… Read more →

Artist VarsOne presents his second solo show

VARS CITY Friday June 22nd Vars is a Sydney-born graffiti artist who made his first million when he was eight years old and bought his mumma a solid gold Benz. He has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. In a former life, whilst working out of France, he wrote for the online graffiti source Using iron birds he has travelled… Read more →


Pictura Australiana

Rippling with bravado, Pictura Australiana channels the iconic brashness of the Young British Artist (YBA) scene of 90s London, with a distinctly Australian bent. As part of ART MONTH 2012, sex, death, religion and much more are dissected through the murky prism of kitchen-sink realism, with a glint of backyard Australiana. Featuring the work of 14 fresh emerging and established… Read more →