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Tortuga Studios Launch

August 2008 The Tortuga Studios Launch Party was a raucous affair with more than 400 punters rocking up to check out our shiny new space… There was art; there was sculpture; there was free wine; there was projections and performance and free wine… there was a frozen tree, that thawed imperceptibly throughout the evening, shaking off its frozen shackles in… Read more →

Sculpture by the sea

October 2008 The most awing exhibition of sculpture in Sydney, Sculpture by the Sea continues to draw crowds in their millions. This year, Tortuga co-founder Ed Horne and Charlotte Hayward exhibited their work on the sand at Tamarama. Their nomadic home is a comment on our consumerist lifestyle, asking the questions that need to be asked. They also ran a… Read more →


April 2009 Rocketcar Day is a rev-head fuelled spectacle that takes places in a back alley in Sydney’s inner west beneath a smoky pall of cordite. Hundreds flock to witness the brave rocketcar pioneers who arrive armed with their inventive creations, to which they strap hobby rockets before launching them into oblivion. There are only a few rules: – You… Read more →


September 2010 THE SYDNEY FRINGE – Irreverence: An Open Studio Exhibition 18-19 September 2010 10am – 6pm Tortuga Studios invites you to scratch and sniff the underbelly of Sydney’s pungent underground arts scene. Controversial, provocative and trailing tendrils of sniggering subversion, this open studio exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of the collective artist-run warehouse space and the art… Read more →

Pictura Australiana

Pictura Australiana was Tortuga’s last show, stay tuned for the next event on Tortugan shores……..   Rippling with bravado, Pictura Australiana channels the iconic brashness of the Young British Artist (YBA) scene of 90s London, with a distinctly Australian bent. As part of ART MONTH 2012, sex, death, religion and much more are dissected through the murky prism of kitchen-sink… Read more →


In the Night Garden

September 16th 2011   In the crevices of a darkened world in the back streets of St Peters glow exotic urban flowers that bloom but once a year and only at night. Their scent is the sparkle of light that flickers, gutters and casts a glow over the ghostly spectre of a city asleep, its cracked exoskeleton creating long shadows… Read more →